TheRayTracer(TM) Classic w/ Textual User Interface (TUI), along with User's Guide (2nd Ed.), for Windows(R) 8, 8.1, 10, and 10 Update Pro/Home Editions (64/32-bit) @ $79.99 (plus shipping and tax).††


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Features include:


Interactive, Textual User-Interface (TUI) ... Fast Ray-Tracing Engine ... Driven by the innovative Software Laser Engine-Device (SLED) ... Pure Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) ... Eleven Primitives ... Simple & Compound Objects ... Shapes/Color/Lighting/Shadows ... Phong Shading ... Transformations ... Transparency/Reflection ... Hierarchical Mediums ... Platonic Solids (Convex Polyhedra) ... Checkerboards ... 3D Cartesian Coordinate System (xyz) ... Bitmap Output File Format (.BMP) ... Ray-Tracing Interface Input File Format (.RTI) ... Userís Guide, 2nd Edition (45 pages) ... Laser Ray Coordinates Runtime Readout ... Elapsed Time Readout.


(Note: No image enhancement tools, wireframes, nor data representation in Classic version.)


Recommended for advanced ray-tracing enthusiasts and for high-end personal computers and laptops.


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