20% Educational/Military Discount

(Terms & Conditions*)

 Email to Service@CollinsEngineering.com a short note with an attachment of a copy of your current picture idóeducational or military.


 The id must be valid and the copy must be legible.


 When it is processed, you should then qualify for a 20% discount off the sales price of $79.99, a savings of $16.† You will receive a reply email.


 The discount refers to one TheRayTracer Classic w/ Userís Guide, 2nd Edition (Ed./Mil. Discount).


 The discount occurs before the tax (if applicable) is added.


 The name on the shipping address must exactly match the one on the id.


 Limit one educational/military discount per customer.


 You can add other products to your order at their regular price.


 U.S. residents only.

TheRayTracer Classic w/ Userís Guide, 2nd Edition (Ed./Mil. Discount) @ $63.99

*-This promotion is subject to change or cancellation without notice.