Mr. Paul A. Collins ~ Bio

· Graduated from Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, MA, with a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management in May 2017

· Developed TheRayTracerTM v2.0 from scratch in the C programming language, along with its User’s Guide, during ’08-‘09, ’11; 20 months total

· Familiar with C++

· Thirty-plus years in the computer industry

· Developed my first industrial ray-tracer in ‘88-’89

· Established Collins Engineering in ’88; Incorporated it in ‘12

· B.S.E.E. @ UMass/Amherst ’87, ‘88G; Undergrad Teaching/Research Assistant (TA/RA)

· Practiced several programming languages in college including FORTRAN, Pascal, and C; Computer Programming Consultant

· Launched Collins Enterprises, a computer-systems consulting firm, in ‘86

· Several Microsoft, Cisco certifications

· Various professional and academic societies; including, IEEE & ACM

· First began computer programming, along with some applied computer graphics, on a Wang microcomputer at high school in Spring ’78 using the BASIC language